Counselling & Support

Frau_GasseWe are there for you.

If you are threatened or affected by domestic violence please call us (around-the-clock):

07752 – 71733

Counselling and information: Monday – Friday from 9-16 o’clock 07752 – 71733


Reception around-the-clock:

Our offer and services are available for every women regardless of nationality, origin, confession or economic conditions. Within our work we represent the affected woman’s concerns and associate with her perspectives.
The stay in the Women’s Shelter is voluntarily.

Each and every staff member is bound to confidentiality.

Things you should prepare before you move to the Women’s Shelter:

  • clothes for you and your children
  • schooling items for your children and your children’s favourite toys
  • passport for you and your children
  • marriage certificate, proof of citizenship, birth certificate, residential registration (Meldezettel)
  • residence permit/ work permit
  • medicine/ proof of vaccinations
  • insurance certificates/cocuments
  • saving books/documents or proof of banking accounts (or copies if commonly used with partner)
  • other personal documents

In case it is not possible for you to bring those things with you when moving in we will support you to get your belongings and necessary documents later on.