Children & Youth

TeddyI fear that daddy will beat mummy again!

Even if children are not affected directly by violence they always suffer from such living conditions in an indirect way. Their emotional wellbeing is disordered – they lack comfort and safety. All that causes severe problems even for their future life.

If you move out from your home because you cannot stand it anymore you can take your children with you. You won’t loose your right to live with your children!

In the Women’s Shelter your children can calm down. We support you with searching for an opportunity in a new kindergarden or a new school. If needed we will help you get into contact with other institutions for social welfare/ child care or children protection centers.

In our house every child has the opportunity to be part of group counselling or individual counselling and to participate in creative events and activities. All those activities are offered by our child & youth pedagogue.

For you as the mother we offer educational counselling and advice concerning child care.